Poroszló Beach

19 June 2024
Ideal for families with children

The gently sloping banks of river Tisza with rapidly warming water offer pleasant and safe relaxation at the beach, which is especially ideal for families with small children. Several well-designed outdoor beaches are ready for the visitors, offering various recreational opportunities.

The shallow coastline near Poroszló - with a slow-flowing river section - is especially recommended for those looking for a quiet rest and for families with children. The shady parkland beach is situated in the central area of the town, and it can be accessed from the direction of entrance no.2 of Lake Tisza Ecocentre.

The beach was renovated and modernized in 2019. Just a few steps from here, there is a parking lot suitable for hundreds of cars and buses, where you can park your car for a small fee. On the beach you can rent kayaks, canoes and pedal boats. A snack bar is located right on the beach, and just a few steps away there is Water Lily Restaurant with a covered summer terrace; its excellent cuisine offering fish soup and fish dishes is very popular with the guests.