Boat tours on the Lake

28 May 2024
from Ecocentre pier

Adjusting to the water level of Lake Tisza, the pier is operated seasonally (from early April until late October)!

The pier of Lake Tisza Ecocentre is located outside the leisure park area, as it is built on the banks of Lake Tisza. Trips in small boats are dispatched every hour (each boat seats 12 persons)
In order to participate at the tours you need to purchase either "Small ship Package" or "All In Package" tickets. After the small ship tour is finished, you may re-enter the Ecocentre area by showing your coloured armband to cashier.
The boat tours supported by GPS navigation also leave from the pier. The motorboats for 5 persons can be rented for 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours to tour Lake Tisza. The boats are equipped with a Garmin Etrex GPS device with pre-programmed routes to guide the visitors all through their way on the water and secure their safe return to the starting point