Leisure park

15 April 2024
on 7 hectares

The main building of Lake Tisza Ecocentre is surrounded by a leisure park of more than 7 hectares. It was designed in the spirit of 'exploring nature'. It is not only a relaxing promenade or a zoo where visitors can closely observe animals but also an amusement park with challenging playgrounds - a real fun for families. As the Local Village Museum of Poroszló also belongs to these gardens, together with a traditional poultry run, rabbit yard and a display of old fishing tools you may participate in a short symbolic trip back to the 19th century.

Please pay attention to the fact, that some of the displays are seasonal!


Displays and attractions in Section East of the Park:

european pond turtles - pond sliders - long-eared owl - tawny owl - Charlie, the african spurred tortoise (during season) - Small birds aviary - common buzzards in a volier - red foxes - golden jackals - petting zoo with goats and sheep - donkey - storks in the birdpark - goats - display of traditional Hungarian types of sheep: cikta, cigája and racka


Displays and attractions in the Section West of the Park:

an artificial lake behind the main building with cormorants, mallards and turtles - playing grounds - mini golf course - pelicans - fallow deer - roe deer - mouflons - pheasants - a display of old fishing tools - rabbit run - traditional poultry run - Village Museum of Poroszló - funnyboating on wooden rafts - straw bale figures - barefoot trail - hedge labyrinth


The Village Museum of Poroszló - built in 1884 - with an interesting collection of local traditions can also be found in the Leisure Park of Lake Tisza Ecocentre and can be visited with any Ecocentre ticket